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Let us know what others have done. Write or call us at the UWI School to spread the news at 868 662 4832 or uwischool@caribbeanresearch.com

UWI school had 4 past pupils winning scholarships this year (2003).  They are:

   -  Ashvini Keshavan of  SAGHS, 
   -  Sobenna George of St Joseph's Convent St Joseph, 
   - Somaria Sammy of Hillview, and 
Rajiv Sinanan of Hillview.  

Abuenameh Aiyejina

Represented Trinidad and Tobago at the following:

     42nd International Mathematics Olympiad in Washington D.C. 
43rd International Mathematics Olympiad in Glasgow, Scotland  - Bronze Medal
44th International Mathematics Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan 

He also received the
National Open Scholarship (
1st Place in Mathematics) and placed 3rd in the world in Advanced level Computing 

Khadija Beddeau: Placed in the top 100 in the SEA exam 2002.
Olivia Bennett: National Tennis player
Aara Cleghorn 12th in the SEA exam 2003 (Click here for interview)
Larry Crichlow: Placed 1st in Trinidad and Tobago in CXC Woodwork for 2002.
Naomi Dolly:

Won a national scholarship in 2001.

Elizabeth Encinas Head Girl at Holy Name Convent Port of Spain 2002/2003.
Ceriann Gibbes: Represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 1996 Olympics in the sport of swimming
Sobenna George: Head Girl at St Joseph’s Convent St Joseph 2001/2002
Rajini Haracksingh : Represented Trinidad and Tobago at the math Olympiad
Geoffrey Henderson Director of Public Prosecutions 2002
Greer Iton Head Girl at St Joseph’s Convent St Joseph 2002/2003
Ashvini Keshevan:

Received a perfect score in the SAT I and SAT II.  Also won a National scholarship

Sally Lauckner:

Placed in the top three in The Colfire National Safety Essay competition 2002.

Chloe McMillan: Established a swimming record in her age group
Mark Mohammed: Former Director of Public Prosecutions now a judge.
Robert Yao Ramesar: Film producer.
Kwame Ryan: Internationally recognized orchestra conductor in Germany.